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What is Hotchain ?

HOTChain is a global culture, sports and entertainment digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology. We focus on accomplishing capitalization, transparency, and equalization of digital assets. Meanwhile, we create a couple of applications by using blockchain technology to achieve an optimal allocation of market factors(celebrities, IPs, etc).

We try to construct HOTChain as an exemplary in combing global culture, sports and entertainment industries, and to accelerate the development in those industries. With the open ecosystem which built upon fundamental blockchain technology, HOTChain is globally accessible.

HOTChain team complies with the regulations and laws in different countries. According to the policies of China, America, North Korea and Iran, users in these four countries are not allowed to purchase HOTC. Meanwhile, we temporarily do not provide those users with online services. Thank you for your support for HOTChain.

HOTChain Foundation

Technical Features

Service Provider for Gobal Pan-Entertainment

HOTChain is a service provider who delivers technologies, resources and channels to global culture, sports and entertainment industries. HOTChain creates service-oriented ecosystem which includes the network of global celebrity, entities in culture, sports and entertainment industries, intellecutal propertie, digital assets and communities.

Service Objects

HOTChain Ecosystem


  • Lack of Various Ways to Connect Fans and Celebrities
  • Complicated International Settlement
  • Abuse of Intellectual Property
  • Limited Ways to Expand the Growth of Digital Assets
  • Huge Demands on Bussiness Cooperation



HOTworld is a virtual world where HOT residents are able to increase computing power to receive awards by completing various online sports, culture and entertainment activities.


HOTcelebrity is a leading digital asset trading platform with various functions (social interactions; social, sports and entertainment consumptions; and investment on celebrities, etc)


HOTcandy is an app that widely popularizes the knowledge of blockchain. Users can answer the blockchain-related questions and receive different kinds of awards.


HOTgame is a game DApp that supports the deposits of digital currencies. It will be interfaced into the blockchain-based game section.


HOTcopyright is a blockchain-based copyright-storage platform that serves for global sports, culture and entertainment industry.

Application Scenario

Product Purchase

Tickets/ Peripherals Products, etc


Events / Hosting / Contests / Endorsements / Performances / Recordings


Events/Movies/TV Dramas/Lectures/Meetings, etc.

Online interaction

Record video/live interactive/game together

Offline interaction

Dinner / photo / fitness / K songs

Copyright Protection

Music/literary/animation/pictures, etc.

Digital Asset Trading

Copyright/IP usage, etc.

HOTChain News

Introduction to global operation nodes


Juan Galvez

Graduated from the computer science major of University of Liverpool. Java experts and IT consultants specifically develop project management tools for Morgan chase and ING insurance companies.


Enzo Cozzi

He graduated from Royal Holloway University in London and professor of drama in Royal Holloway University, London. An expert on human behaviourology. Block chain investors.



Graduated from Tokyo law and Political University, and worked as a lawyer for more than ten years.


Sylvia Galleguillos

The founder of the all scientific aromatherapy center in Santiago, President of IFA, Chile.


Development Plan for Public Chain

August 15, 2018
Program Initiation
September 15, 2018
Connection to Dapps. Interfaces Become Available
October 25, 2018
Alpha Test on the Major Network
January 20, 2019
Completion of Beta Test on the Major Network

Plan for
Community Construction

By February 1st, 2019By February 1st, 2020

500,000 Users in Global Community 1,000,000 Users in Global Community

September 15,2018
Establish Global Nodes in 16 Countries
December 15,2018
Establish Global Nodes in 25 Countries
February 15,2019
Establish Global Nodes in 30 Countries

Global Node Distribution

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HOTChain White Paper

HOTChain White Paper

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