What is Hotchain ?

Hotchain is a global culture, sports and entertainment digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology. It is committed to achieving digital assetization, securitization, transparency and fairness in the global culture, sports and entertainment industry. It optimizes the market elements (celebrities, IP, resources, etc.) through blockchain technology and applications.

Hotchain actively promotes the integration of global culture, sports and entertainment industry and redefines rules of this industry. Relying on the underlying technology of blockchain, Hotchain builds applied ecosystem, which has the natural "win-win" gene, and is open to the whole world.

Technical features

Global Pan-Entertainment industry block chain service provider

Hotchain is a service-oriented ecosystem that provides technology, resources and channels for the global recreation field, and then constructs the global Celebrity Network, the main body of sports and entertainment industry, intellectual property, digital assets and community, thus promoting the prosperity and development of the global style and entertainment industry.

The object of our service

Hotchain Ecological

When we enter the block chain era, Hotchain for the global sports entertainment industry brought about by the application.

Global celebrity time sharing trading platform

IP Copyright Timestamp Registration Platform

Digital asset-raising and trading platform

Solve the pain point

  • Celebrities and fans interact with traditional single
  • Cumbersome international cooperation settlement
  • Right to theft of intellectual property
  • Limited channels for growth and development of digital assets
  • Business cooperation needs

Content involved

Time Product

Celebrity interactive services and around collectively referred to as celebrity time merchandise, the traditional fan economy is a single form subject to geographical constraints, the acceleration of globalization, spiritual and cultural consumption awareness, and the need for international interaction is increasingly strong. Hotchain will lead the new fan economy, do celebrity and fans to pursue efficient links, the content includes: with celebrities dinner, photo, class, video chat, peripheral derivatives and so on.


The abbreviation for the Ip,intellectual property, especially the Cross-media content with long-term vitality and commercial value. IP is a kernel, its existence way can be novel, cartoon, movie, game and so on different forms. Through the diversification of IP development, multi-channel promotion, to maximize its value, is a mature cultural market business operation.

Application Scenarios

Purchase Products

Tickets/Peripheral Products



Public chip

Events/Movies/TV shows/Lectures/Mmeetings

Online interaction

Record video/Live interactive/Play together

Offline interaction


Copyright protection


Digital Asset Trading

Copyright/IP Use





Hot token allocation scheme (total 1 billion)

  • 15% Foundation Reservation
  • 10% Partners
  • 40% Private Placement and IEO
  • 15% Founding Team
  • 10% Community
  • 10% Candy Program

Online time Planning

Contact Us

  • e-mail:hotchain@vip.163.com
  • WeChart:hotchain666
  • BeeChat:hotchain666
  • CoinMeet:933588837
  • QQ:51554027
  • Telegram:hotchain666
  • Weibo:HOTchain

Hotchian White Paper

HOTchain-Global stylistic entertainment digital Asset white paper

Release Date: 2017-12-11 Publisher: Hotchain

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